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  • Springfield, South Dakota

Terrace Park

Overlooking the Missouri River, this park has been a part of Springfield since the very early days. In the 1930s, the Civilian Conservation Corp built a bridge in the wooded area at the bottom of the park (remnants can be seen today.) Home to the swimming pool thanks to an artesian well, it was a focal point of summer activities. The water was hard and swim suits rarely made it the whole year. Today the last artesian well in Springfield refuses to be capped, sending hundreds of gallons of water down the hill daily.

In 2015, the Springfield Veterans Memorial was constructed here. Overlooking the Missouri River, the memorial is recognized as one of the most beautiful and elegant of its kind. The names engraved on the wall are those whose uniformed service is connected to Springfield. Many of those listed served in units of the South Dakota Army National Guard based in Springfield from 1956 to 1994.