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Monfore house

Built in 1912 in the Colonial Revival Style, the Peter and Minnie Monfore house is Springfield’s lone entry into the National Register of Historic Places.

Peter Griswold Monfore built on land acquired by the Monfore family in 1872 – Peter’s mother Diana Howland Monfore held the original deed when he took possession of the property. Peter was born in Iowa in 1871. The family moved to the Springfield area in 1872

Peter was a prominent Springfield businessman. Partnering with J.C. Young in the 1890’s they built a two story building on the corner of Chestnut and 8th street, selling furniture and other wares. Peter was one of the first licensed embalmers in Bon Homme County. In 1986 he married Minnie May Flowers.

Peter died in 1950 and Minnie in 1965. Peter’s grandson, Peter Howland Monfore was killed in the Korean War at the Battle of Heartbreak Ridge on September 19, 1951.

Entered onto the historic roles in 2002