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Greetings from Springfield!

SDPB’s Dakota Life was in Springfield in 2021. The program aired Dec. 7, 2021 (Season 24 Episode 4). Here is SDPB’s description: Located near 80-foot chalkstone bluffs overlooking Lewis and Clark Lake on the Missouri River in southern Bon Homme County, Springfield sports a population of around 2,000 folks. A popular fishing and hunting spot, Springfield is home to the […]

Origins of the Springfield Museum

MUSEUM NOTES BY MARILYN STONE A friend asked me recently how the Springfield Museum got started.  I checked the old notes of the curator (my Dad, Clark Thomas) and found this information: “In the late 1970’s a group of Springfield people who were concerned about preserving the artifacts and memorabilia of the area, started the Springfield Historical Society.  They put […]

Daily Bus Line Connected Springfield

MUSEUM NOTES BY MARILYN STONE Did you know that Springfield used to have a daily bus line between here and Sioux Falls?  I remember it, although I never rode it, but along with carrying passengers the bus line carried the newspapers, ice cream, perishable drugs and rush orders for all kinds of express and machine parts.  The following information is […]

Springfield Museum Seeks Military History

MUSEUM NOTES BY MARILYN STONE As we are now between Memorial Day, Flag Day, and Independence Day, we may have a few thoughts about the history of our local men and women who answered the call of this World War I poster, and served in the armed forces at various times in past and present history.  This poster has been […]

Model T Roadster Pickup Haulin’ History at the Springfield Museum

MUSEUM NOTES BY MARILYN STONE In last week’s column (JULY 13, 2022 – Transitions) about the location of this museum, an early garage was operated at this location by the Macy & Young Garage, selling the Model “T” Fords. As an example of those classic vehicles, the Springfield Museum now displays a 1925 Model T Roadster Pickup Truck that is […]

Parlor Pump Organ

MUSEUM NOTES BY MARIYLN STONE One of the interesting pieces of furniture in “Grandma’s House” (the replica of a 19th century home that is built inside the museum) is a pump organ in the formal parlor of the house.  Although I had seen quite a few such pump organs, and even played one when, as a teenager, I helped my […]

A Bon Homme Way Station

Museum Notes By Marilyn Thomas Stone The house in this photo was built before 1870 on the West side of Emmanuel Creek, along what is now part of Highway 37.  The farm is currently owned by Blaine Nagel and sports an attractive new house.  The Springfield Centennial Book tells that this house was built by McDaniels, one of the first […]

A Historical Bell Rings Home

Museum Notes By Marilyn Thomas Stone Do you remember when the museum had a large steel bell outdoors.  Well, that bell came from, and was eventually returned to Fort Randall area.  There are several items in the museum telling about it.  The basic story is that the fort was established in 1856 and was headquarters to several regiments until 1892.  […]


By Marilyn Thomas Stone/President Originally Published July 13, 2022 Springfield building lots have had many uses over the years.  It is fun to reminisce on places where older homes, public buildings or businesses used to be.  This week I would like to share such information on the lot that currently houses our Springfield Historical Society Museum.  I remember when the […]

Does this ring a bell?

By Marilyn Stone/President – Published May 11, 2022 As we approach graduations of area high schools and colleges, we may think back to the days of our own student experiences.  What do you remember about the traditions of your high school days?  Certainly the involvement of groups in sports, arts, and academic challenges are traditions that, while changing with the […]